May 10

Mother Love

In honor of Mother”s day, I thought I’d tell you about a short video I watched, captured by a visitor to the Kruger National Park, South Africa. A tiny baby elephant has fallen into a round pool of water and can’t get out. He places his front legs on the side of the pool and tries to haul himself up but the sides are too steep and his feet slide down the slippery edge. When he feels he’s out of options, he just stands there, his head down.

Enter Mom to the rescue. She bends her massive head reassuring him with the touch of her trunk, then stands up and circles around debating which way to do this. Finally, she moves to the edge of the pool, bends down and pushes him gently aside so she can climb in. With amazing care, she lands in the pool beside him and makes her first attempt to bush her baby out. Unsuccessful, she turns him around to a different vantage point . She moves up behind him, wedges his rear-end between two lethal tusks and literally lifts him up out of the water. But the sandy bank is too slippery and he slithers back into the water.

Next she moves him further round the pool and this time with much pushing and shoving he walks out the pool. Trouble is, now she can’t get out. She searches for a good place to get out. The slippery sand has no traction. She doesn’t panic. Finally she kneels on a section of ground and with great effort, pulls herself out. Off she lumbers to her little guy, trunk outstretched to see if he’s alright. He’s okay. She’s okay. Together they walk away.

When all else fails call Mom. Tell your Mom you love her this Mother’s day. I know I will.

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