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Straight out of South Africa comes the poignant tale of Ida Morgan: her husband murdered, abandoned by God, and alone in the world… Ida’s road to healing and wholeness is paved by diamonds in the dust.

Author Shirley Mowat Tucker knows about the trials and triumphs of South Africa because she lives there.  While her book explores the secretive and often dangerous areas of her own country, readers will recognize similar situations in their own countries:  and also the similar manner that God is at work.

Diamonds in the Dust is the grand prize winner of Athanatos Christian Ministry’s first annual Christian novel contest. Shortly after this was announced, ACM extended an offer to publish, which Mrs. Tucker accepted. The book is expected to be released in fall of 2011.

Born in the doctor’s bed in a leper colony, Shirl Tucker spent her early years in Zambia. Despite having no access to children’s books, her love of story began with her father who entertained the family with spontaneous stories of animals while traveling long distances on dusty roads. At eight, she moved with her family to Zimbabwe where she eventually became a teacher and told stories of her own.

Off on the next leg of her country-hopping life, she moved to South Africa where she met her Canadian husband, Mark. Three wonderful children followed and then another country move – to Canada this time.

In 2007, the children now grown, stayed in Canada while Shirl and Mark returned to South Africa where they founded Phakamani Foundation, an organization that lends money, with training and support, to poor people in South Africa to build small businesses.

Shirl’s experiences have opened her eyes to the plight of those in poverty and ill with AIDS in her own country and challenged her to take action, as her Christian faith calls her to do.  Diamonds in the Dust is the story born of those experiences, and is sure to inspire other Christians to see opportunities in their own communities.

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An addictive storyline that pulls at the reader’s social conscience and sense of justice, delivered in an honest, humane manner. – Kirkus Reviews

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