This week I received the devastating news that my cousin’s son died under mysterious circumstances while holidaying in Mozambique. Jonathon loved life and motor bikes and the sea. So here I am waiting to go to his funeral in the next hour. I’m sitting on the guest bed of a B&B overlooking the ocean. Waves crash just fifty meters below. I’m staring out to sea when I see the telltale water spout of a whale in the distance. Another shoots into the air and for a second leaves a frothy white circle where he’s been. And I know without being there, a pod of whales is swimming by. I can’t see the whales but I see the evidence of them.

I can’t see God either but I see the evidence of Him all around me and in my life. He leaves a trail behind Him reminding He’s here. I’ll be joining my family to say goodbye to a beloved son, brother and friend but I take with me the certainty that He lives, He loves and He’s here.