Nothing beats the wind in your face as you lean into the corner on the back of a Gold Wing. The road rushes up to meet you and you hope the two of you won’t get personally acquainted before the bike rights itself on the straight. To smell the familiar odour of blackened grass from a veld fire or the sweet smell of jasmine growing alonside a farmer’s fence. The rowdy rush of wind against your ears blocking out all other sounds and setting you free from the constraints of demanding noises.

As your mind is unchained from thoughts of the urgent and the necessary, perspective creeps in and nothing seems as difficult or complicated that it can’t be tackled. Obstacles downgrade to matters-to-be-dealt-with. Clarity calls out to organize your life so you can still achieve your duties and your dreams. Priorities fall into line. You remember that facing your difficulties head-on brings focus and freedom.

I’m back home, sitting at my computer. At peace with the world. When I’ve worked out my strategy for encouraging and helping the folk in our organisation, I’ll get to page two of my new book.

Till then, keep a clear head, find simplicity and love your life.