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Diamonds in the Dust Teaser Trailer


Check out the new ‘teaser-trailer’ for Shirl’s book!

Reader’s Study Guide for Shirley Tucker’s Diamonds in the Dust


The book has a ready to go study guide that you can use for your book, club, church group, book of the month club, or local library reading list.  Or, obviously, an individual may enjoy a guided tour into the ‘nooks and crannies’ of Shirl’s book. You can download it here:

  DITDBookClubStudyGuide (48.0 KiB, 728 hits)

(Note to book club leaders: get up to 35% off when buying Diamonds in the Dust in bulk!)

A note by DJ Thompson of Athanatos Christian Ministries, the author of the reader’s guide: 

One of the marks of a good story is the number of times it touches upon reality and truth. For Christians this means that a good book has as its most interior structure a close association to the truth as we know it in the Bible. Books with Christianity as the skeleton and muscles and the blood that run through them often touch upon truth in deeply profound ways that are missing in books with a Christian skin. A good book also rewards close scrutiny. Diamonds in the Dust is by these standards a very good book indeed.

Once your group has read the story, enjoyed meeting Ida, Moses, Surprise, Bandile and Simeon, and experienced the growing horror that comes as Ida realizes the specific danger the children are in, these questions will help you lead a great discussion filled with possibilities for Christian growth. For so many years we have all been hearing church people complain that we don’t teach them the application of the Gospel. Well, here it is lived out for us in South Africa among poverty and riches, orphans, and AIDS. There are so many possibilities, you will probably never get to all of them, but a good book bears rereading, and Diamonds in the Dust is a good book. So start with whatever topic is most interesting to you and the group. And enjoy.

Topics explored by this study guide relating to the book.

  • The Basic Story
  • Authority and 4th commandment issues
  • Prayer
  • Vocation: God at work
  • Friendship
  • Mercy vs. Justice
  • Christian social responsibility
  • Similarities and differences to your own culture

Options for purchasing Shirley Tucker’s “Diamonds in the Dust”


There are a number of ways that you can purchase Shirl’s book.  If you want to buy it in print, check out:

Amazon | B&N | Kalahari  [See important note below on Kalahari purchases] | from the Publisher

You can also get it as an e-book from a variety of places:   Kindle | Nook | Smashwords | Kobo | from the Publisher

Shirl’s listing on Smashwords will allow you to download in formats friendly to Sony, Kobo, Apple and others.  AND!  And it will let you download an extended excerpt of up to 20% of the book!  This is a great way to introduce friends to Shirl’s book or get familiar with it yourself.

In case you are wondering how to purchase the book that can add the most to Shirl’s bottom line, ordering directly from the publisher is the way to go!

Note on Kalahari:  If you are purchasing Shirl’s book through Kalahari, make sure that you scroll down and order it from the ‘Marketplace’, selecting Megadigital.  This is our South African distributor, and ships much faster and costs much less than Kalahari’s ‘main’ listing for Diamonds in the Dust.

Cover of Diamonds in the Dust

Review of Diamonds in the Dust by JW Wartick


Pleased to link to this recent review of Shirl’s book!  Brief snippet:

Perhaps most interesting is the way it deals with God. It’s not the kind of Christian Fiction which throws God in the reader’s face every page. God, rather, works behind the scenes. He works through people. It’s a very realistic take on how God works in even the worst circumstances. “He has ears.”

Christians looking for a quick, engaging read should pick up Diamonds in the Dust. It will open eyes to the issues of disparity that still exist in South Africa (and elsewhere), and it’s just a plain good read.

Read the Whole Review at Apologist JW Wartick’s Blog

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