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Dec 21

Diamonds in the Dust now Available in South Africa through Kalahari.com

We are very pleased to announce that Shirley’s book can be purchased in South Africa through the prominent online retailer Kalahari.com (think:  the Amazon of South Africa.)  The list price is R120. We have partnered with a printer in South Africa to fulfill orders made through Kalahari.  Please note that you must purchase through their …

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Dec 07

International Christian Fiction Writers Interviews Shirley Tucker

International Christian Fiction Writers published an interview with Shirley Tucker yesterday. You can read it here. It is worth checking it out, because they offer a way to win a free copy of the book!

Welcome, Shirley. As a fellow South African, I find it very exciting that Diamonds in the Dust, with its South African characters and setting, is being published by an American publisher. How did this come about?

Nov 22

Options for purchasing Shirley Tucker’s “Diamonds in the Dust”

There are a number of ways that you can purchase Shirl’s book.  If you want to buy it in print, check out: Amazon | Amazon.ca |  B&N | Kalahari  [See important note below on Kalahari purchases] | from the Publisher You can also get it as an e-book from a variety of places:   Kindle …

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Oct 13

Review by blogger “Mystic Rose” of Diamonds in the Dust

Here’s a review from a blogger: This book is a moving story about christian love, forgiveness and faith.  The main character, Mrs. Morgan finds herself as a unwilling foster parent to a group of orphans.  She friends them and becomes involved in a mystery of events that lead her into deeper and deeper involvement with …

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Oct 13

Review of Diamonds in the Dust by JW Wartick

Pleased to link to this recent review of Shirl’s book!  Brief snippet: Perhaps most interesting is the way it deals with God. It’s not the kind of Christian Fiction which throws God in the reader’s face every page. God, rather, works behind the scenes. He works through people. It’s a very realistic take on how …

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Aug 20

The Next Step

The whole process of getting published is as new to me as learning how to fly. I’m discovering that flapping my wings is not enough to get me airborne. My repsonsibility doesn’t stop at writing a publishable book. I need to become involved in getting the word out about it. Fortunately, I have an angel …

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May 31

Excerpt of Diamonds in the Dust

Excerpt – Copyright 2011 – All Rights Reserved To read a much longer excerpt – indeed, 20% of the text- click here. DIAMONDS IN THE DUST CHAPTER 1      She’d got away. The man slowed down to a jog and took a deep breath to quiet the hammering in his head and ease the pain …

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